SBK City Servicing

SBKCity is a run by a team of experienced professionals, located in the heart of London, the busiest city in the UK. Each of our technicians are highly skilled and have been fully trained by major motorcycle manufacturers. The SBKCity team can undertake any type of motorcycle repair, maintenance or race preparation from its headquarters in London. A large range of specialist equipment is used to ensure all work carried out is of the highest quality - ensuring your motorcycle is running at its best and to your exact requirements. The SBKCity workshop is fitted with a Dynapro Dynamometer, used to carry out diagnostics on any fuel injected, modern motorcycle - providing incredibly accurate data. SBKCity is fully equipped with all the tools, equipment and knowledge needed to ensure you receive a fast, effective and professional service. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how the SBKCity team can fulfill all of your motorcycle maintenance and performance improvement needs.