Quasar Products

Motorcycle Lifts, Motorbike Stands and Wheel Chocks The Strongest and Safest Service Equipment Avaliable designed and manufactured right here in the United Kingdom for all bikers from Harley Davidson to Sportsbike riders, Quasar Products Ltd supply you with this high quality equipment globally through our Worldwide Distribution Network, all goods come to you with a "Lifetime Product Guarantee".

Eazyrizer Lifts and Stands come backed with 15 years of development and refinement and have become the most sought after motorcycle service lifting system giving you Safe Access to all areas of your bike at a very comfortable working height.

Eazyrizer, The Original Motorcycle Lift with Global Patent Protection and by far the Finest Lift available supporting everything from Harley Davidsons Sportsbikes, BMW's, Cruisers even old Classics, Eazyrizers, Safe Secure and Unbreakable!