NFL Motorcycle Training

Established in 1987, NFL Motorcycle Training is one of the most well-established motorcycle training schools in the Midlands, offering tuition and test preparation to riders in Birmingham, Dudley & Wolverhampton.

The motorcycle test consists of two parts: the CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) and Part Two. The CBT, as the name suggests, is compulsory and must be taken by everybody with aspirations of riding a motorbike on public roads. Part Two meanwhile is taken after completion of CBT and takes several forms, dependant on age and whether the applicant has a full driving licence for another vehicle.

For riders aged 17-21 the process is similar, although there is no obligation to take a theory test UNLESS they have not passed a moped theory test. They can apply for their (A1) Light Motorcycle licence, or alternatively take their standard motorcycle test on a bike between 120cc and 125cc. Applicants aged 16-17 must pass their motorcycle theory test, as well as passing a practical moped test.