Ital Retro Scooters & Motorcycles

Ital Scooters is a good ole fashioned scooter shop. Our expertise is in classic Italian scooters and we are able to boast more than 20 years experience in Restoration work, Engine rebuilding, Exhaust upgrades and Paintwork. Whatever your needs we are sure that we will be able to help you. We are fully equipped to carry out all accident repair work, servicing and all kinds of other maintenance work, or if it is advice you are after, just call us and we will help you.

We have a comprehensive range of new and used Italian Scooters in stock including the reliable and well established LML range. These reliable scooters, based on the Vespa, have been built using the famous Piaggio tooling and have had huge amounts of money and effort ploughed into them to ensure that all European omissions levels have been met.