Greeves Motor Cycles

Thank you for your interest in our website. Since the rebirth and registration of the Greeves name in the UK, USA and Europe many things have materialised with the company and the export of the machines. We have developed this website due to the huge resurgence of interest in Greeves machines. We understand Greeves machines are changing hands some Ј300-Ј500 more than when we started business in May 1999. The reason for all this was that the owner of Greeves Motorcycles Ltd, Richard Deal himself a past Trials rider, decided it was time somebody resurrected the famous British bike name and see more Greeves perform in Pre 65/70 trials, Moto-X and road race meetings. Although there has been a core of enthusiasts, the Greeves Riders Association and it's members who are doing a wonderful job of keeping the Greeves name alive, nobody was taking the production of any replica machine forward. Parts were becoming scarce and expensive.