Gavin's Bike Hospital [GBH]

Gavin Wheeler bought his first bike in 1973. It was an NSU Quickly, a 1957 German moped, and it broke down so often that he learned basic mechanics just keeping it running. Gavin moved on to a BSA 250, passed his test, switched to a 650, then owned (and thrashed) two 750 Tridents. His next bike was a Moto Guzzi T3, which he crashed spectacularly.

During his stint at OME Gavin took up racing, on his own Guzzi Le Mans and SS. He was sponsored to race a Kawasaki Formula 1 bike and also raced aSuzuki RG500, TZ250s/350s, and enduro machines. Until relocating to Farmoor, Gavin rode to work in all weathers on the VFR750 he bought shortly after setting up GBH in 1993.