Classic British Motorcycles

We have a wide variety of motorcycle seat covers. You can buy motorcycle seats online by placing an order with us. In our collection of motorbike frame parts you can find frame grommets, cables, rubbers, chain guards and fork sliders. In the battery section we have complete range of battery accessories, a large number of batteries from leading brands like Motobatt and Yuasa.

The following are some of the other motorcycle tool range the web site offers. O-rings, wheel spoke keys, nuts and bolts, Washers, fasteners, oil filter wrenching, insulating tape, duct tape, hose clips, wheel removal tools, Allen key screws, electrical cables, We also have electrical connecters, horns, relays, indicator buzzers, collector box seals, universal switches, starter relays, ignition switches, complete generators and CDI units for most makes for both motorcycles' and scooters.

We carry a vast stock range of motorbike and scooter brakes shoes. Pads, mirrors, motorcycle lights.