Cardrome Motorcycle Training

Why pay a cost on average of £2000 per year to stand on a crowded train, when you can complete your CBT and ride into London at an appoximate cost of £200 per year and pay no congestion charge, with parking as cheap as £1 per day. Affordable Courses for all your Motorcycling needs CBT-Compulsory Basic Training, DAS-Direct Access, A1 A2 Restricted Access, Instructor Training All Courses include Comprehensive insurance, No Hidden Costs! You have the free use of Helmets Gloves and Jackets on a Large Safe 12 Acre Training site with Friendly Staff, DSA Qualified Male and Female Instructors and Competitive Prices.

We are close to Romford with easy access to Bus and Rail. We also offer free Parking. This unique twelve acre private road complex has a road system with traffic lights, a roundabout, hill start area and all the usual road junctions and road signs. This facility gives us the ability to train in a safe enviroment and our success has been unrivaled over the years.