Bob Heath Visors

Based in the U.K. we manufacture and supply Lexan ® Motorcycle Visors certified to British Standard BS4110ZA. We manufacture Original Equipment Visors from 0.75mm to 4mm thick for Helmet Manufacturers and also Specialist Visors for Industrial, Security and Leisure. We also produce one off "Special" Visors. If you are looking for a Manufacturer to supply your Company with Good Quality Original Equipment Industrial/Security Visors or other thermoformed related products - you need to look no further! Our Large range of Replacement Visors in thickness of 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm are available in Clear, Smoke and Gradient ½ tint for most Modern and Classic Motorcycle Helmets. Jet Flip Visors for Motorcyclists & Micro Light, Goggles, Vee-wipes, Anti-Fog Spray, Tear-Offs for Racing Visors, Goggles and Industrial Visors in clear and smoke tinted.