A18 Motorcycletyres

This year will see the expansion of the Storm 3D X-M range with an additional 12 sizes, making this popular sport touring tyre available to a greater number of riders.

Introduction of the new Battlax S20 EVO hypersports tyre with extended tyre life, improved handling and increased dry grip. Also available in H-rated sizes for smaller bikes. New Battlax R10 EVO racing tyre with faster turning and higher grip from the front tyre, and increased drive traction from the rear. MotoGP derived Battlax V02 Race Slick, Bridgestone's new podium contender. Our customers now have access to the complete range of Bridgestone Motocross products including the popular M101/102 sand & mud tyre, M40 soft to medium tyre, M203/204 soft to medium tyre and M403 medium tyre. The range also includes their new Battle Cross X30 & X40 tyres. Battlax SC Ecopia radial scooter tyre with reduced rolling resistance and improved fuel economy for a modern world.